Basic Study

Cell viability study of NSCLC cell lines and a normal cell line treated with microwave irradiation

We evaluated the cell viability at various temperatures by the microwave irradiation equipment in 3 different non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cell lines: H322, H1299 and H460, and 1 normal human lung fibroblast cell line: WI-38. For cell viability analysis of 3 NSCLC cell lines, mean value of percent cell viability based upon the control (100%) was 35.5% (39°C),9.6% (43°C), and 1.9% (47°C) in H322, 55.9%  (39°C), 13.8% (43°C), and 4.2% (47°C)  in H1299, 47.3% (39°C), 11.9% (43°C), and 2.1% (47°C) in H460 (P<0.001). These results indicate that viability of NSCLC cells reduced as temperature of NSCLC cells is risen higher by microwave irradiation,
     On the other hand, normal human lung fibroblast cell line: WI-38 were also treated with the Microwave irradiation at 39°C, 43°C, and 47°C. Cell viability of WI-38 at 39°C and 43°C are same as cell viability of control group (37°C). Only overheated cell group (47°C) indicated 68.6% cell viability in WI-38. These results indicate that microwave irradiation did not affect cell viability of normal cell at below 43°C. (Results from experiments conducted by Dr. Motomura Tadashi, Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, United States).