Basic Study

Effects of microwave on colon cancer tissues

To determine the effects of microwave on colon cancer tissues, cancer tissues sampled from a colon cancer lesion were stained with P-53 and irradiated with microwaves, and the subsequent changes were observed. The cancer tissues before the irradiation were stained densely and uniformly, indicating that cancer cells were present in high density.  The colon cancer tissues were then irradiated with microwaves 2 times for 2 seconds each time at 3-second intervals from a distance of 10 cm.  Subsequently, it was confirmed that the stained tissues were dispersed and the stained area was reduced.  This indicates that the cancer cells in the cancer tissues were destroyed. (Results of a study by Dr. Oka Muneyoshi, Director, Oita Oka Hospital).

Photo 1: Pre-irradiation cancer tissues were stained with P-53 densely and uniformly.

Photo 2: After the irradiation, the P-53 stained cancer tissues were dispersed and the area of staining was reduced.