Clinical Performance of CEAT

Bone metastases (1)

M.M. (female, born in 1955)
The patient suffers from Marfan’s syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes problems in the connective tissues of the body.  She had previously received a prosthetic cardiac valve and artificial blood vessel graft.  She developed breast cancer, and underwent mastectomies of her left breast in 1983 and of her right breast in 1998. She subsequently received radiotherapy and hormone therapy.  The bone scintigraphy on August 1, 2003 showed multiple bone metastases (Photo 1).  She visited our clinic on October 7, 2003, and received 51 sessions of microwave therapy mainly on the regions of bone metastases in the subsequent period until December 3, 2003.  Meanwhile, NK-cell based immunotherapy was performed every two weeks for 4 times.  The bone scintigraphy on February 3, 2004 showed partial improvement (Photo 2), although she was subsequently hospitalized for digestive disorders, and died at the end of July, 2004.  Although M.M. had a prosthetic cardiac valve, at the consent of M.M. herself and her family, microwaves were irradiated on her vertebra close to the artificial valve.  No abnormalities were observed in that area.


Photo 1: Bone scintigraphy on August 1, 2003. Multiple bone metastases are observed.


Photo 2: Bone scintigraphy on February 3, 2004. A slight improvement is observed.