Clinical Performance of CEAT

Bone metastases (2)

J.K. (male, born in 1941)
The patient was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of May, 2010, and a subsequent bone scintigraphy revealed multiple metastases to the region occipitalis, the entire spine, the sixth rib (left), the shoulder blade (right), the ilium, and both hip joints, as well as multiple other regions  (Photo 1).  The patient was told that the extent of his metastases meant that his cancer was inoperable.  At the time, his PSA value was 120. J.K. had been a heavy meat eater, and was obese, but since his diagnosis had begun a macrobiotic diet.  He had been receiving hormone therapy (Casodex) and also Strontium 89 through intravenous drip to treat spinal pain.  This led to a significant decrease in the level of pain experienced, and his condition had stabilized.  He first visited the clinic on December 9, 2010.  He received microwave irradiation therapy on this first visit, and immediately began using the far-infrared heating unit at home.  He has around 12 sessions of microwave irradiation a month between his first visit until the end of May, 2011, but an examination in June, 2011 showed signs of cancer energy, so treatment was continued.  He also began to take placental extract on a daily basis from April, 2011.  At present, his PSA is a 0.09, and although bone scintigraphy of June 2, 2011 indicated metastates present in the eighth and tenth vertebra and in the sixth rib (left), overall it indicated a surprising level of recovery, with the cancer disappearing from other areas (Photo 2).  As of December, 2012, he  experiences no abnormalities in his physical condition.


Photo 1: Results of a bone scintigraphy on May 28, 2010. Multiple shadows indicating metastates are observed from the shoulder blade to the hip joints.


Photo 2: Results of a bone scintigraphy on June 2, 2011. While shadows remain on the eighth and tenth vertebra and the sixth left rib, all other shadows have disappeared.