Clinical Performance of CEAT

Bone metastases (3)

K. S. (male, born in 1948)
The patient was diagnosed with prostate cancer with bone metastases at the end of August 2011. Hormone therapy and 25 sessions of radiation therapy were carried out. PSA was 11 just before he visited our clinic for the first time on Jan. 2002. A bone scintigraphy on Oct. 10, 2011, indicated metastases  in the rt.3rd and 4th ribs, rt. ischium, iliac bone, bil. pelvis, and in the left sacroiliac joint (Photo 1). He was complaining of pain around his coccyx. He was irradiated with microwaves 30 times mainly on his pelvic area during the period from his first visit to the end of 2002. Bone scintigraphy on June 4, 2003 revealed remarkable improvement (Photo 2). Thereafter, his coccyx pain subsided and he was cured. In August 2012, he is in good health.

Photo 1: A bone scintigraphy of Oct. 10, 2011. Metastases present in the rt.3rd and 4th ribs, rt. Ischium, iliac bone, bil. Pelvis, and in the left sacroiliac joint.

Photo 2: Bone scintigraphy of June 4, 2003. Remarkable improvement is observed.