Clinical Performance of CEAT

Brain tumor (1)

K.Y. (female, born in 1968)
The patient had experienced nystagmus and paralysis in her upper right body since 1997.  Her condition had been diagnosed as a cerebellomedullary tumor but no remedy had been found.  She visited our clinic on July 2, 2007, and was mainly treated with microwave.  She received microwave irradiation therapy 21 times during the period from July to November, 2007, but her paralysis remained.  After being irradiated 3 times in December, 2007 and 4 times in January 2008, she recovered to a level where she was sometimes able to forget about her paralysis.  She was irradiated 12 times during the period from February to May, 2008, and by June, 2008, resonance response to cancer disappeared and she came to experience little paralysis.  The MRI findings showed that the tumor pressing on her medulla had definitely shrunk.  Weak cancer energy response still continued, but since January 2009, there has been no more cancer energy response, and the MRI findings on March 5, 2009 showed the tumor to have shrunk still further.   K.Y. was working, and was only able to receive the therapy once a week, so her treatment took a relatively long time.  She is in good health as of February, 2012.

Photo 1: MRI image on May 28, 2007. The tumor is pressing the inferior part of medulla.


Photo 2: MRI image on February 25, 2010. As the tumor shrank, the symptoms caused by the pressure caused by the tumor gradually disappeared.