Clinical Performance of CEAT

Breast cancer (1)

O.C (female, born in 1943)
O.C. suffers paralysis of her lower right body, which is the aftereffect of a cerebral hemorrhage. In March, 2005, she began to notice a tumor under the skin of her upper left breast (Photo 1).  Examination revealed her condition to be Stage 2 (lump size 2 cm or larger with no metastasis to axillary lymph nodes, or lump size 2 cm or smaller with metastasis to axillary lymph nodes).  She visited our clinic on April 25, 2005, without undergoing any surgical procedures or receiving chemotherapy.  We performed microwave irradiation 32 times at her request from that date until September 15, 2005, and subsequently her cancer energy response disappeared.  Still, her condition remained unstable and response was observed from time to time, so microwave irradiation was performed 20 more times until February 22, 2007.  Where a tumor is located close to the skin, there are two options: 1) to carry out conserving surgery first, and then annihilate the micro carcinomata in the surrounding areas, or 2) to annihilate the activity of all the cancers with microwave irradiation first, and then perform an operation a year or two later when the necrotic tissues break through the skin and begin to exude. O.C. did not want an operation as she was half paralyzed. Microwave irradiation annihilated the cancer energy both of the cancerous region itself and that of all the microscopic carcinomata. 8 months later, necrotic tissues broke through the skin and exuded as had been expected (Photo 2). The lesion, which was flattened with Taxol and Herceptin, cicatrized and healed (Photo 3). As the cancer has already been annihilated, the patient now visits our clinic only for follow-up consultations.


Photo 1: Photo of the affected part on December 8, 2005. Microwave irradiation on cancer in left breast.


Photo 2: Photo of the affected part on August 10, 2006. Necrotic tissues break through the skin.


Photo 3: Photo of the affected part on September 5, 2008. Administration of Taxol and Herceptin cicatrized and healed the lesion.