Clinical Performance of CEAT

Cancer of the maxillary sinus(1)

Y.M. (female, born in 1961)
In September 2007, the patient underwent an examination at Akita University Hospital for face pain, nasal discharge, hemorrhage and wateriness in her right eye. Her condition was diagnosed as cancer of the maxillary sinus, and she was administered anti-cancer drugs and radiotherapy.  Later, in April, 2008, she received treatment at the CyberKnife Center, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Tokyo.  However, she was told that the cancer was not totally annihilated, and that some still remained. She therefore received high-dose intravenous vitamins and amygdalin from a certain hospital, and she also visited our clinic for the first time on September 29, 2010.  From that day until December 28, 2010, she received microwave irradiation 14 times in total, and the findings of the MRI examination on December 14 showed that her tumors had disappeared. Afterward she was received reconstructive surgery for covering skin damage caused by the previous radiotherapy to her right nasolacrimal area. The surgery was a success and as of December, 2012, no abnormalities are observed.

Photo 1: MRI image on February 24, 2010. 


Photo 2: MRI image on December 14, 2010