Clinical Performance of CEAT

Cancer of the maxillary sinus(2)

N.N. (male, born in 1954)
On September 11, 2004, the patient experienced ongoing bleeding caused the cancer of his maxillary sinus and visited our clinic with the bleeding part compressed with a balloon.  The CT image showed tumors invading into his left paranasal sinus, cranial base and orbit, but the severe bleeding had prevented him from undergoing biopsy, so he was left with no option but to compress the bleeding part with a balloon.  This bleeding stopped after several rounds of treatment with microwave irradiation.  A week later, there was no sign of bleeding even after the balloon was removed.
     Subsequently, he received microwave irradiation 16 times in September, 2004.  His cancer resonance response disappeared as early as on October 8, but he was irradiated 7 times in October as a precaution.  Then, he began to develop bacilli and fungus in the necrotic tissues of his maxillary cancer, and had the cancerous tissues removed.  An examination of the removed cancer tissues revealed that all the cells of his cancer tissues had been annihilated.  As of September, 2012,  N.N. is in good health, without any abnormal symptoms.


Photo 1: CT image taken before the surgery on November 10, 2004


Photo 2: CT image taken after the surgery on January 21, 2005


Photo 3: Mostly necrotic tissues; cancer cells partly mixed, but no more activity detected.