Clinical Performance of CEAT

Cancer with unknown primary (2)

N.T. (male, born in 1938)
The patient had frequently suffered from lower back pain since the end of 2003.  He received a thorough examination at Kyushu University Hospital, and the MRI findings showed metastasis to the second lumbar vertebra (Photo 1), although the primary lesion was unknown.  He visited our clinic on January 14, 2004 for the first time.  His prostate turned out to be the primary lesion, so the prostate cancer and the metastatic lesion were concurrently treated with a far-infrared heating unit and microwave irradiation. After 20 irradiation sessions, the cancer energy disappeared, but for preventive purposes, a further 39 irradiation treatments were administered.  The MRI image taken on February, 2004 showed the metastases to have disappeared (Photo 2).  As of December, 2012, N.T. has no abnormal conditions.


Photo 1: The metastatic image of which the primary lesion was said to be unknown in the MRI test in December, 2003.


Photo 2: The MRI in February, 2004 showed that the metastatic image disappeared.