Clinical Performance of CEAT

Effects on thyroidal cancer

Our clinic has treated 33 thyroidal cancer cases to date.  The cure rate of those cases treated only with this method was 90% or more, though we have not treated any cases at a remarkably advanced stage. As is the case with maxillary sinus cancers and parotid cancers, thyroidal cancers are highly sensitive to microwaves.  It is surmised that the permeability of microwaves is high as the thyroid is located close to the skin.
     In case of thyroidal cancer, like other types of cancers, even after surgical procedure to remove the cancer has been carried out, cancer energy will be observed in the areas surrounding the extraction site.  The cancer energy of thyroidal cancer can be annihilated by microwaves more easily than cancers in other parts of body.
     The following table shows the outlines of 5 trial cases of thyroidal cancer conducted at our clinic.