Clinical Performance of CEAT

Laryngeal cancer

K.H (male, born in 1934)
The patient was examined for a hoarse voice in 2001, and the results of a subsequent biopsy showed his condition to be laryngeal cancer.  During the period from August 19 to October 1, 2002, he received radiotherapy 30 times. His cancer was diagnosed as Stage 4, and he had a tracheal tube inserted for half a year, and then visited our clinic on November 15, 2002.  His cervical lymph glands were swollen, and cancer energy response was observed in a wide area above and below the tracheotomy region.  From the first consultation day until January 24, 2003, he was irradiated with microwaves 5 times.  On June 2, 2003, the tube came out by itself, and the wound closed.  As of January, 2011, no abnormalities are observed.
     It is important to annihilate minute carcinomata which would be the cause of recurrent and metastatic cancers after radiotherapy.


Photo 1: November 25, 2002. As the result of the resonance response test, weak cancer energy was extensively observed as shown in the right photo.


Photo 2: August 6, 2003. The tube came out by itself, and the wound was closed. Cancer energy was gone.