Clinical Performance of CEAT

Liver cancer (1)

R.J. (male, Mongolian, born in 1945)
He suffered from chronic hepatitis C and B and liver cancer, and said that he could stay in Japan for only 4 days.  The only data he had of his diseases was CT images taken on June 19, 2002.  They showed a large tumor in his liver (Photos 1 and 2).  Microwaves were irradiated for only a short time for 4 consecutive days starting from July 1, 2002.  He was also administered propolis, Cordyceps, vitamin C and germanium. He then went back to Mongolia and had CT images taken. The images revealed that the liver cancer was crushed to pieces, and the hepatitis C and B viruses were also gone.  His doctor was amazed and praised Japanese medical treatment. The liver CT images were sent to us allowing us to confirm his condition (Photos 3 and 4). From a serological point of view, the disappearance of hepatitis C and B viruses is incredible even to an experienced clinician.  One possible reason is that the amount of hepatitis viruses was rather small.  If so, it is no wonder that intensive microwave irradiation, even only for 4 days, was able to annihilate them.  There may also be differences according to ethnicity.  However, as listed below, there have been some cases in which only a small dose of microwave irradiation proved effective for hepatitis viruses. The effects of microwaves on liver cancer vary greatly depending on individuals.


Photo 1: CT image on June 19, 2002. A large carcinoma is observed.


Photo 2: CT image on June 19, 2002.


Photo 3: CT image on July 16, 2002. The image shows that the carcinoma is crushed to pieces.


Photo 4: CT image on July 16, 2002.