Clinical Performance of CEAT

Liver cancer (2) 

I.S. (female, born in 1941)
The patient had suffered from polymyositis since 1996, and on July 15, 2004, underwent surgery for cancer in her right breast, and subsequently received hormone therapy.  Her tumor markers started rising in October, 2005, and metastasis to the liver was observed.  According to the PET-CT image used at diagnosis on February 28, 2006, accumulations of FDG had occurred in multiple places in the liver, indicating that the cancer had metastasized to the liver (Photo 1). Nodular accumulation at the seventh cervical vertebra was also observed, which suggests early stage of metastasis to the bones.  FDG accumulation was also observed at right axillary lymph nodes, mediastinal lymph nodes, para-aortic lymph nodes and subaortic lymph nodes.  Combined use of chemotherapy and hormone therapy was started on March 21, 2006, but her tumor markers showed no marked fluctuations.  The CT findings showed metastasis to lymph nodes close to the heart and to the cervical vertebra.  I.S. had been receiving lymphocyte-based immunotherapy prior to visiting our clinic.  At the hospital, hormone therapy was diagnosed as ineffective. She visited our clinic on June 2, 2006 for the first time.  Microwave irradiation was started at her request, and she used a far-infrared heating unit at home.  Microwave treatment was given 8 times in June, and from June 23, her tumor markers began to fall.  During the period from July through December, 2006 microwaves were irradiated 42 times, and the liver CT taken in December, 2006 showed that her liver had returned to normal.  The PET-CT findings on January 3, 2007 showed no sign of recurrence.  The PET findings on January 28, 2008 revealed that the cancer had been annihilated (Photo 2).  One session of microwave irradiation was administered in January, February, March, May and July, 2008 respectively.  In May, oral chemotherapy was resumed for an unknown reason.  The graph shows the variations of her tumor markers. This patient has not told the university hospital where she has received conventional treatment about the treatment she received at our clinic.  As of the end of March, 2012, no abnormalities are observed.


Photo 1: PET-CT image on February 28, 2006. A metastatic image is observed in the liver.


Photo 2: PET-CT image on January 28, 2008. It is confirmed that the cancer has cured.