Clinical Performance of CEAT

Lung cancer (1)

S.S. (female, born in 1945)
She had her left upper lobe resected for a left pulmonary adenocarcinoma (simultaneous adenocarcinoma = pT1pNOMO Stage1A) on April 6, 2005.  Her adenocarcinoma relapsed a year later, but she was told that there was no cure (Photo 1).  On March 24, 2006, she visited our clinic for the first time.  She complained that she had some difficulty breathing.  She started microwave therapy on the first consultation day.  She was irradiated 46 times until mid-September, 2006, and at around the beginning of May, 2006, she noticed that her physical condition had improved and she was able to breathe deeply.  The CT findings on July 7, 2006 showed that the recurrence image disappeared.  As of August, 2009, the blood test proved normal, and she had no symptoms.  The CT findings on January 9, 2009 showed no changes (Photo 2).  She visited our clinic in December, 2012 for a follow-up consultation, at which she presented in a healthy condition.


Photo 1: CT image on April 13, 2006. The recurrence image is observed.


Photo 2: CT image on July 7, 2006. The recurrence image has disappeared.