Clinical Performance of CEAT

Lung cancer (2)

Y.K. (female, born in 1946)
Since around November, 2003, she was frequently feeling a pulling pain in her right chest during inspiration. An examination conducted on January 17, 2004 revealed that she had cancer which was rapidly progressing, and she was advised to receive treatment immediately.  However, she refused conventional treatment, and visited our clinic on January 23, 2004.  The CT findings on January 17, 2004 showed a tumor of 2 to 3 cm near the chest wall of the middle lobe of right lung (Photo 1).  She received 5 sessions of microwave irradiation during the period from the first consultation day until January 30, 2004 at her request.  Three weeks later, the CT findings showed her tumor to have been annihilated (Photo 2).  In June, she was told at the Otsuka Cancer Institute Hospital (Cancer Institute) that her cancer had healed.  However, on December 25, 2004, cancer energy response was again observed at both lungs and clavicular fossa, so she was frequently irradiated with microwaves for recurrence prevention until August, 2011.  Subsequently, she has shown no abnormalities, and no longer receives microwave irradiation treatment. As of August, 2009, she had no abnormalities and has been visiting our clinic only for follow-up consultations since then.


Photo 1: CT image on January 17, 2004. A tumor of 2 to 3 cm is observed near the chest wall of the middle lobe of right lung.


Photo 2: CT image on November 15, 2004. The tumor near the chest wall of the middle lobe of right lung has disappeared.