Clinical Performance of CEAT

Lung cancer (3)

I.Y. (male, born in 1947)
At first, the patient was told that he had squamous cell carcinoma and he should undergo a left pneumonectomy, but he was later told that the cancer was close to the trachea and inoperable.  Then he visited our clinic (Photos 1 & 2). He took deutrial depletion water, propolis, vitamin C, germanium and coriander supplements, and received NK-T cell-based immunotherapy 6 times in 3 months.  While using a far-infared heating unit at home, he received microwave treatment 129 times in total during the period from the first consultation day in October, 2010 until the end of December, 2010.  As a consequence, three months later, the CT findings showed remarkable improvement.  In July, he was told that total removal of his left lung became possible, but he rejected the operation.  As of the end of March, 2011, he shows no abnormalities.  At present, he is taking propolis, vitamin C and mineral water.  The combination of NK and T cell-based immunotherapy and microwave treatment is considered effective for extensive lung cancer. Since a patient [he] complained that he had some difficulty breathing in the spring of 2012, he received radiotherapy for a while. His physical condition has shown no abnormalities since then.


Photo 1: June 3, 2010. A tumor of approx. 30 mm at the hilum of the left lung, swelling of the lymph nodes in the periphery of the left primary bronchus and the invasion image are observed.


Photo 2: June 3, 2010. A tumor is also observed at the frontal chest wall of the lobe.


Photo 3: February 17, 2011. The tumor at the hilum of the left lung has shrunk and the invasion image has disappeared.


Photo 4: February 17, 2011.