Clinical Performance of CEAT

Metastatic lung tumor (1)

T.M. (male, born in 1936)
In February, 2005, the patient telephoned our clinic and said that his hiccups could not be stopped and that he went to the hospital but the cause of his hiccups could not be identified. We told him to come to our clinic at once. He showed cancer energy response to kidney cancer in the periphery of his left diaphragm, so I told him to undergo medical examination at a large hospital. As the results of the resonance response test suggested, a giant carcinoma of 11 × 10 × 9cm was confirmed in his left kidney; it was excised on April 4, 2005. At this time, two small metastatic images in his left lung and one in the upper right lobe were also observed (Photo 1).  His hiccups stopped, and he visited our clinic on April 20, 2005.  He was irradiated with microwaves 16 times until June 20, 2005; two of the three metastatic carcinoma images, one each in the right and the left then disappeared.   From May 11, 2005, he also received NK-T cell-based immunotherapy every two weeks for 6 times in total.  His general condition was getting better, so he subsequently visited our clinic for follow-up consultations only, once every three months. In January, 2009, however, he presented a response to lung cancer, so he received microwave irradiation treatment again and the lung cancer response subsequently disappeared.  The chest CT findings on January 27, 2009, showed that the shadow of his lower left lobe was slightly enlarged (Photo 2).  He was prescribed interferon, but discontinued it due to severe adverse effects.  We recommended him to have the traces of tumors in the lower left lobe removed, but he has not undergone any surgical procedures as he has no symptoms or cancer resonance response.  As of November, 2012, he is in good condition except for the fact that his creatinine values are slightly on the rise.


Photo 1: CT image on September 9, 2005. Two lung tumors were detected when the left kidney was removed. (The CT image of the right lung not obtained.)


Photo 2: CT image on June 16, 2009. Two of the three lung cancers disappeared, and one cancer grew larger, but exhibited no cancer energy. No symptoms were observed.