Clinical Performance of CEAT

Metastatic lung tumor (2)

T.T. (female, born in 1947)
From around May, 2007, she started to suffer from an asthma-like cough; she was treated for pneumonia but the cough was not cured.  The chest examination showed a metastatic lung tumor in the upper left lung, but the primary origin remained unknown.  An endoscopy of the colon found only polyps. She visited our clinic on July 11, 2007.  Resonance response was observed in three places in both lungs and in the colon, and it was found that the lung tumor had metastasized from colon cancer.  As dietary supplements she took propolis, vitamin C and germanium.  Treatment using far-infrared heating unit and microwave irradiation on her lungs and colon was started according to her request.  She was irradiated 8 to 10 times a month on average until March, 2008.  From around April, 2008, cancer energy response was frequently observed, but subsequently cancer energy responses in her colon and liver disappeared, and the lung CT findings showed no changes. The patient is now in good health, and feels no abnormal symptoms.  The activity of lung cancer disappeared at the end of September, 2008.  As of February, 2011, no abnormalities are observed.


Photo 1: CT image in June 2007. A metastatic tumor was observed in the upper left lung.


Photo 2: CT image on April 3, 2008. The tumor in the upper left lung remains unchanged.


Photo 3: CT image on December 10, 2010. The size of the tumor mark remains unchanged.