Clinical Performance of CEAT

Metastatic lung tumor (3)

I.T. (male, born in 1930)
Since March, 2004, the patient was constantly experiencing the symptoms of a slight cold.  After undergoing a lung X-ray test, his condition was diagnosed as lung cancer.  As it was suspected to have metastasized from thyroidal cancer, his thyroid was removed, but was subsequently found to be non-cancerous.  He visited our clinic on June 2, 2005.  Cancer energy response was observed in the whole of both lungs and the colon, and it was confirmed that his lung tumor had metastasized from his colon. The CT image of the lungs he brought with him showed two tumors on the lateral section of the upper left lobe (Photo 1).  An endoscopy of the colon found only polyps, and they were removed.  As dietary supplements, he took vitamin C, taheebo, agaricus, propolis and fermented brown rice.  At his request, microwave treatment and NK-T cell-based immunotherapy were performed.  After receiving microwave therapy 3 times each in June and July, 2 times each in August and September, 4 times in October, 5 times in November and 4 times in December (all 2005), the cancer energy response disappeared, and as of October, 2008, no abnormalities were found.  No changes were observed in the lung CT images from January 6, 2006 (Photo 2), August 10, 2007 (Photo 3) and March 16, 2009 (Photo 4).


Photo 1: CT image on April 25, 2005. Two tumors are observed on the lateral section of the upper left lobe.


Photo 2: CT image on March 10, 2008. The size of the tumors remains unchanged. NK cell-based immunotherapy is used in combination.