Clinical Performance of CEAT

Rectal cancer

O.K. (female, born in 1950)
She had a small amount of melena in April 2012 but no bleeding thereafter. She was worried about pencil thin stools, she underwent examinations and cervical cancer and rectal cancer were diagnosed. Endoscopy on May 31 revealed that cancer metastasized to the sigmoid colon adjacent to the uterine cancer. The inner lumen of the rectum showed marked stenosis by cancer.
On June 19, cervical cancer, as well as the bladder and the right ureteral orifice of the bladder, was irradiated at the Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious Diseases Center Komagome Hospital. Colonoscopy on a later day revealed large cancer at the rectosigmoid junction of the rectum and necessity of colostomy was explained when surgery was selected.
On July 3, she visited out clinic. Health conditions were excellent and there was no subjective symptom. Microwave irradiation was started on the first-visiting day. Hormesis bedrock bathing was combined. On September 2 when the seventh microwave irradiation was given, colonoscopy demonstrated a marked reduction in the size of rectal cancer. Stools were thicker. As of October 2012, microwave irradiation was continued due to cancer activity, but general conditions were excellent. It was rare that rectal stenosis improved as much as in this case. Treatment was responsive partly because she was markedly optimistic and not depressed by the disease. A superb combination of radiation and microwave irradiation might also be the reason for the response.

Photo 1: Endoscopy on May 31, 2012. The inner lumen of the rectum showed marked stenosis.

Photo 2: Endoscopy on September 2, 2012.