Clinical Performance of CEAT

Remote analysis of treatment achievement of breast cancers (2)

As a result of remote survey on breast cancer patients, the accumulated survival rate of the group irradiated with microwaves exceeded 60% in patients of all stages. Considering the fact that many of the patients visiting our clinic are at Stage 3 or 4, this survival rate is deemed to be considerably high.  Moreover, two-year survivors continue their normal life without recurrence for six or more years.  The cancer energy annihilation therapy (CEAT) is totally free of the kind of side effects during treatment and aftereffects which are seen in high rates in conventional treatments.  We would like to emphasize that CEAT allows patients to progress to complete cure while they live their everyday lives peacefully.
The number of rounds of microwave irradiation was, on average, 35.6 times per patient, while the minimum was 4 times and the maximum was 176 times.
     Dr. SPSS II (Version 2005) was used for analysis, the Kaplan-Meier method was employed for the survival curve, and significant differences were analyzed by adopting the Log-Rank method. Student-tes was carried out for two independent groups for comparison of two groups of continuous data.  Student-tes and chi-square test were performed in order to compare two groups of category data.

*1999 – 2003 Results of remote survey conducted in the United States
(Dawood S,et al:newly diagnosed stage IV breast cancer.J Clin Oncol 26:4891〜8,2008)