Clinical Performance of CEAT

Remote analysis of treatment achievement of breast cancers (3)

The one-year survival rate of microwave-treated patients with Stage 4 breast cancer was 70.1%, and the two-year survival rate was 50.1%, respectively.  Two-year survivors subsequently showed no abnormalities for more than five years.  With conventional treatment, variations are seen in the survival rates of patients with Stage 4 breast cancer, as obtained in multiple surveys.  The chart below shows the data on patients with Stage 4 breast cancer in the United States. Compared to this, the survival rate of the group irradiated with microwaves at our clinic is significantly higher.
     As for the use of conventional treatment subsequent to visiting our clinic, both the group treated with microwave irradiation and that treated without microwave irradiation show low survival rates ranging from 2% to 11%.  Most of the patients in the Stage 4 group, in particular, are ‘cancer refugees’ who have been told that ‘there is no cure’. Therefore, they are given little opportunity to combine conventional therapies with microwave irradiation.  Thus, it is considered as outstanding that nearly half (47.1%) of our patients are treated only with microwave irradiation (most of them combined with the intake of functional supplements).