Clinical Performance of CEAT

Remote analysis of treatment achievement of breast cancers (1)

We have examined the effect of cancer energy annihilation therapy on the remote survival of terminal cancer patients, through methods such as the analysis of clinical data, the understanding of patient demographics and the examination of the survival of respective treatment groups.  The subjects of examination were those breast cancer patients treated at our clinic during the period of 1999 to November 2009, who signed a letter of consent on remote surveys. A retrospective review of medical charts and other data was carried out as part of the analysis. A telephone survey and questionnaire were also conducted to confirm patient status, and the final analyses were conducted with statistical software.
     The following chart shows the classification and attributes of breast cancer patients who were the subjects of the analyses (average age: 55 years old). There were no differences in age before starting the microwave treatment, history of treatment or type of breast cancer.  Both groups consisted of 75% or more terminal breast cancer patients (Stage 4).