Clinical Performance of CEAT

Rhinopharyngeal cancer, metastasis to brain

A.M. (male, born in 1953)
On March 22, 2002, the patient underwent surgery to remove metastatic lesions from his cervical lymph nodes, to which his rhinopharyngeal cancer had metastasized. He was also administered anti-cancer drugs and radiotherapy.  At that time, he was told that his survival rate was 30% or less.  One month later, on April 22, 2002, he visited our clinic for the first time.  Cancer energy response was observed in his body from the chest upwards.  His left cervical region was remarkably depressed, and he had difficulty in salivating due to the effect of radiotherapy.   He received microwave treatment for 4 consecutive days starting from May 13, 2002. He was recuperating satisfactorily after the treatment, but on January 19, 2005, his brain surgeon pointed out metastases to his left lobe, parietal lobe and transverse temporal convolutions (Photo 1), and recommended surgery.  He said to us, “I do not want any more surgery. Could you treat me with microwave irradiation? I am not concerned with the results”. We did not have total confidence and the doctor treating the patient replied, “I am not a specialist in brain surgery.  If you are not cured by microwave treatment, you will have to receive surgery.  Is this acceptable to you?”  A.M. expressed his consent.  Starting from January 20, 2005, he was irradiated with microwaves twice a day for 3 days.  He subsequently received the microwave treatment 14 times in total in November and December, 2005, and his cancer energy response disappeared. The cerebral MRI findings on January 27, 2006 showed no tumors (Photo 2).   A.M. lives in Hokkaido, and therefore cannot come to our clinic frequently, and he died on November 1 2010 from a recurrence of his rhinopharyngeal cancer.  Still, 8 years passed since the onset of his cancer, and nearly 5 years passed since metastasis to his brain was observed in MRI findings.


Photo 1: MRI image on January 15, 2005. After irradiating microwaves 14 times, the cancer energy response disappeared.


Photo 2: MRI image on December 16, 2008. No changes were observed for 5 years since the metastatic lesion in the brain disappeared.