Curative effects for other diseases

Viral hepatitis (2)

Case 2: K.M. (male, born in 1947)
In 1957, the patient was injured in a traffic accident and received a blood transfusion.  Later, in 1975, it was discovered that he was suffering from hepatitis C.  On October 7, 2002, he visited our clinic for the first time. The HCV value at that time has risen to 130KIU/mℓ and the GOT to 600IU/ℓ. As a dietary supplement, he was advised to take Cordyceps.  After microwaves were irradiated on his whole body 4 times for three consecutive days, he felt the heavy feeling in his liver disappeared.  Since then, his condition progressed favorably.  In the resonance response test on May 11, 2005, however, response of hepatitis C was observed, so he received microwave irradiation again on his whole body 6 times during the period from May 12 to June 10, 2005.  In the resonance response test on June 5, 2006, the presence of mercury and highly concentrated iron were confirmed in his liver, pancreas and large intestine, so we administered orally activated charcoal.  Subsequently, the mercury disappeared, and the iron value returned to normal.  Since then, K.M. has been in good physical condition, but as shown in Table 2, his liver function and HCV values continue to fluctuate greatly.  The resonance response test has never shown any HCV activity.  He currently visits our clinic once every six months for follow-up consultations, but he has no abnormal physical conditions.