Principal Resercher

Dr. Karo Maeda

Karo Maeda, M.D., Ph.D.
1957Graduation from Sapporo Medical Collage, Japan
Kuakni Hospital in Hawaii for 2 years
First Department of Surgery, Sapporo Medical Collage after returning to Japan
1969Department of Plastic Surgery, Yokohama City University Medical School, Japan
1970Manager of Plastic Surgery Department, Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center
1997Professor at Tokyo Women’s Medical Collage
Mar, 1998Mandatory retirement from the Collage
Foundation of Maeda Institute of Medical Science
Continuation of research on natural remedy in addition to the expertise
Sep 15, 2004Foundation of Advance Clinic Yokohama based on Maeda Institute of Medical Science
2014Foundation of Japan Society of Cancer Energy Annihilation Therapy
Overcoming intractable disease with propolis (Makino Shuppan) [in Japanese]
Healthy families use far-infrared rays cleverly (Tosei Publishing Co., Ltd) [in Japanese]
Far infrared-rays and medical revolution (Tosei Publishing Co., Ltd) [in Japanese, in English]
Sequel: Far infrared-rays and medical revolution (Tosei Publishing Co., Ltd) [in Japanese]
Cancer treatment revolution without a pain (Tosei Publishing Co., Ltd) [in Japanese]
Cancer can be curable without surgery (DHC Corporation) [in Japanese]
Effective cancer treatment by a surgeon suffering from cancer (Gentosha Inc.) [in Japanese]
Pain-free & desperation-free cancer cure (Kodansha Ltd.)[in Japanese]
Academic activities
Board members of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons
The Japanese Society of Pediatric Oncology
The Japan Lung Cancer Society
Japan Society for Head and Neck Cancer
Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
Japanese Society for Thermal Medicine
Executive Board Member of Oncology Society of Japan
Certified physician (Grade 4), Japan Bi-Digital O-ring Test Medical Society