What is CEAT?



About Cancer Energy Annihilation Therapy and this Report

The findings of recent research are beginning to make it clear that in addition to the ability to proliferate, cancer cells are also capable of turning normal cells into cancerous cells.  We refer to this capability as ‘Cancer Energy’.  Cancer progresses through recurrence and through metastasis, and we believe the trigger for both these phenomena to be this cancer energy.

Cancer Energy Annihilation Therapy (CEAT) is an innovative cancer treatment therapy, quite different from the therapies available from conventional medicine, that is focused on the discovery of Cancer Energy in the body of the patient and the subsequent administration of treatment designed to annihilate that activity, with great efficiency and with no uncomfortable or unpleasant side effects.
This therapy uses a resonance response test to detect cancer energy within patients, based on an application of the Bi-Digital O-ring Test (BDOT), developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, Prof. of the New York Medical College.  The resonance response test allows us to quickly and easily establish which parts of the body are displaying cancer energy.  Once detected, if treatment of the affected areas leads to the total annihilation of cancer energy, then the patient will experience no recurrence and no metastasis.
The therapy then uses an entirely new method to treat the areas displaying cancer energy.  Innovative microwave therapy equipment is used to irradiate microwaves on those parts of the body where cancer energy has been detected. This is designed to wipe out the cancer cells and annihilate the cancer energy.  In addition, patients are encouraged to use a far-infrared heating unit at home, to heat up the areas affected by cancer cells and lesions, in order to enhance the effects of the microwave therapy.
This report introduces our basic research on cancer energy annihilation therapy based on the administration of microwave irradiation, and introduces some case studies from among the 4,000+ patients we have treated over the past decade; each patient profiled has given his or her consent to be featured in this publication.  The collection of data we now have with regard to the cure rates of CEAT makes it clear that this is a treatment with extremely positive results when compared to conventional medical treatments, even in advanced and terminal cases.  It is also important to note the fact that the treatment does not cause the patient any pain, side effects or aftereffects.

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