What is CEAT?

Cure rates of cancer/malignant tumors and survival rates in CEAT

The major difference between cancer energy annihilation therapy (CEAT) and conventional treatments is in that the former causes no adverse effects during the treatment process and no post-treatment after effects. Accordingly, the cure rates of this therapeutic method indicate that the health of patients treated with this therapy is restored to conditions identical to those enjoyed before the onset of cancer.
     Many of our patients receive conventional medical treatments concurrently; a combination of the three major therapies in most cases. At present, with the medical advantages of this method as yet to be widely recognized, it seems almost inevitable that there are so many deaths from what could only be considered the adverse effects of chemotherapy and other conventional treatments.  However, we are seeing increasing numbers of patients who cannot tolerate the adverse effects of conventional treatments visit our clinic.  In most of these cases, the patient will arrive showing severe symptoms and a marked loss of physical strength.
     The ratio of elderly patients is high, and not insignificant numbers of these elderly patients die as a result of cerebral or circulatory disease or from old age regardless of the presence or absence of cancer. A large number of these cases would likely have been cured had the patient been treated by this method in the early stages after diagnosis.  Many patients are also forced to give up treatment due to familial, financial or geographical reasons, despite showing signs of improvement with this method.
     More than ten years have passed since we started this therapeutic method, and to date we have treated nearly 4,000 cases. Despite this, for some organs of the body, we still have insufficient numbers for sound statistical analysis of our performance. Listed below is data for regions for which sufficient numbers of case studies have been accumulated from patients who willingly continued this treatment.