What is CEAT?

Our Wish

Under the universal healthcare insurance system in Japan, medical practice based on Western medicine has been highly organized, whereas physicians strongly reject medical care that has deviated from the mainstream of Western medicine, such as alternative medicine and complementary medicine, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare followed the same policy of such physicians. Cancer Energy Annihilation Therapy (CEAT) is markedly hard to accept as worthy medical care in such Japanese medical environments. However, as introduced at this website, cancer patients that Western medicine experts gave up treating healed at a high rate. There is no forgery in the data introduced here.
     We have long treated patients as Western medicine physicians, and wished development of Western medicine from the bottom of the heart. However, the fact is that cancer cure rates have not improved dramatically and we think that all the methods to save patients suffering from cancer should be used. Yearly cancer deaths in the world are reaching 10 million today and it is too regrettable that we Japanese treat only several thousands of patients by CEAT. Then, if CEAT, a wonderful cancer treatment, disappears when we die, the human kind will lose priceless treasure.
     The primary aim of this website is to circumvent such situations. We hope that a fight with cancer by CEAT will continue for tens or even hundreds of years. We are dreaming that Western medicine will continue advancing and cancer will be a disease that should not be feared.
     To achieve such a hope and a dream, we would like to establish circumstances where CEAT is available for cancer treatment in a variety of countries in the world with assistance from healthcare practitioners abroad. We would like to organize the environments where CEAT is employed for cancer patients all over the world.
     One of the reasons why microwave irradiation heals cancer is the effect of hyperthermia. However, considering the fact that a number of cancer patients refractory to today’s medicine have been cured by microwave irradiation, it is presumed that the therapy may have more effect than mere hyperthermia. We have no doubt that the mechanism to eliminate cancer by microwave irradiation will someday be elucidated by state-of-the-art science. To this end, it is necessary to make the reality of CEAT known by excellent and imaginative scientists and medical scientists. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of or even millions of clinical trial data need to be accumulated together.
     We would like healthcare practitioners seeing this website and feeling the potential of CEAT to send any message to us. We will respond with sincerity. Why don’t we start collaboration? If CEAT saves as many patients as possible anywhere on earth, we will promise the utmost cooperation.